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16 November 2015 @ 07:05 pm

General Rules

1. Your icons must fit LJ standards and be made specifically for the contest. Animated icons are accepted.
2. When submitting your icons please use a 3 icon preview followed by the link to your journal (or place the rest of your icons behind a cut).
3. Please make sure that the post containing your icons remains unlocked. You can put it private after voting and winners have been announced. People must be able to view them.
4. Please submit only completed claims (all 20 icons).
5. If you are participating in the challenge, it would be nice to check out other people entries and leave a kind feedback to them.
6. Vote fairly and without bias. The quality of the icon is what you're voting for, not which character or maker it is.
7. Anyone breaking the 6th rule will be banned from the community.
8. For classic rounds you are not allowed to choose the same claim twice in a row, but the third time around is fine.
9. If you are not able to post for the current challenge, you can sign-up for the next round anyway: there aren't rigid rules for this, so be realexed and happy iconing!
10. Please, just try to save your icon in .png: the quality is much more better and they don't give me problems when I upload them to photobucket or in any other img host.

Single Round Rules

There will be four types of challenges. Free, Classic, Special and Actor rounds.
- Free Rounds: you sign up, but not make a claim. You can then use any PotC image to complete the themes.
- Classic Rounds: you sign up making a claim. These will be our regular challenges.
- Special Rounds: you sign up following special rules for the round: they will be stated in the post for that single round. These rounds will be more creative and challenging for you.
- Actor Rounds: every 5th round we'll have an out of character round in which you can claim any of the performers of these movies (i.e, Johnny Depp, Gemma Ward, Kaya Scodelario...). You can icon them both out of charcaters or in roles (they can be from other movies or from the potc ones) as you would do in 20in20s like celebs20in20.

What can I claim in Classic Rounds?

- A whole movie: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest, At World's End, On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales.
- A single character: i.e. Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Blackbeard...
- A group of characters: i.e., pirates, women, nobility, a family, non-human characters... This is a very large category and if you are unsure if your group will be accepted, just ask.
- A pairing. This can be intended in whatever way you want: a romantic ship, a non canon pairing or a non romantical one. For example: Will & Elizabeth, Jack & Norrington and Pintel & Ragetti. If you claim a pairing, both of your characters must be present in at least 16 out of 20 icons.

What types of pictures can I use?

You can use whatever type of media from the series, but you cannot use out of characters images unless otherwise stated.
You can icon these kind of pictures: screencaps, movie stills, behind the scenes pictures (but the actors have to be in characters), dvd extras screencaps (same here for the characters), promotional pictures, official artworks (not deviantart ones) and deleted/extended scenes.

Rules can be modified by the moderator at any time, but you'll be warned with a post and probably you'll vote if you agree or don't with the new rule.
If you have questions or haven't understood a rule, you can comment here or in the ask section. Or you can leave me a pm. Anything is fine.